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The Number one resource for all the latest Worm Guard techniques and over all bjj instruction. Taught by multiple time world champion Keenan Cornelius. All that for only 10$/month


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Dear Fellow BJJ Die Hard,

        Keenan Cornelius Here.. There has been a lot written about me since I won the Double Grand Slam at Purple Belt in 2012 – I won my weight and the Open class at all 4 Major IBJJF Tournaments.  Even more was written in 2013, when I became a Brown Belt World Champion and then won a bunch of prestigious tournaments in my first few months as a black belt.  In the last 2 years I’ve won a lot, But……..In The 6 Prior Years I Hardly Ever Won!!!

          I have spent the last 8 years of my life dedicated to jiu-jitsu, Learning the techniques, tweaking things to make it work for my body (im not very strong) and developing concepts and philosophy to apply to the positions of jiu-jitsu in a stystimic and understandable way.

In the beginning, I lost alot! In competitions, in training, in online arguements EVERYWHERE! I was beginning to feel like I was never going to amount to anything with my jiu-jitsu skill.  

But with a simple mental trick I reset my whole jiu-jitsu game.

I went through the biggest transformation of my life, I was a skinny purple belt getting my ass kicked ego beatdown over and over by people training less time than me, and smaller than me. Dont tell anyone, but as a blue belt, a girl used to beat the crap out of me daily. ** cold shiver as keenan recalls the horror**  I can still see those horrible braids in my nightmares... 

I changed my mindset about jiu-jitsu. The way I learned, the way I competed, and especially the way i trained.  I want to share with you these secrets. Before now I have only taught techniques through my DVD series. But I want to go beyond that. I want to not only show you the competition proven techinques I use, but to share with you the ideas thats formed me into the grappler I am today.

I always wished I had been able to learn Jiu-jitsu in a more organized teaching enviroment. Every jiu-jitsu gym, website, youtube channel, you name it, was teaching techniques at random.

A guard pass here and fancy submission there. one day we are learning flying triangles the next we are learning closed guard escapes. Thats all fine, but its sporadic. Its like trying to fit puzzle peices without the flat edges to show us the border.

So I created this online, dynamic training system, taught how I would have liked to have learned jiu-jitsu (more on this later, let me continue this story!)



AH! My dear reader! A valid point!  You should listen because I have gone from a zero to being the first athlete ever to win the coveted "Double gold grand slamThats 8 gold medals at the 4 major tournaments in 2012. In just that year alone I amassed a competiton record of 119 wins with a single loss.

 As a brown belt I competed in the well known BJJ Kumite, I had 20 Sub Only matches over the course of 3 days against the best brown belts in the world.

I submitted all my opponents to become the champion. and In 2013, the very next year, I went on to compete and win in another 108 matches with only a single loss at my brown belt level. The whole time maintaining an 87% rate of tapping my opponet out.

Following my three world championship titles at purple an brown belt, I earned my blackbelt from Andre Galvao and have fought and won in numerous black belt competitions including gold medals at the Ibjjf Pro League, 5ive Grappling Round Robin Superfight and a double gold medal in the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials. Now fighting my way towards my 4th world title!

Heres me on the podium using the same techniques you will learn after you get inside.

Thats not all though, after only being a black belt from September to December as of this writing, many people of the Brazilian jiu jitsu community already consider me one of the top three black belts of 2013.

Take a look at some comments"



   Great question Hypothetical skeptic! Glad
to see you are still here! LET ME TELL YOU!


This, my dear delightful reader, is an ONLINE training CLASS... No! a UNIVERSITY, The likes of which the JIU-JITSU world has never seen


(What the HD Videos will look like on your computer)

(Sneak Preview of the members area!)

(Project Lapel Mayhem is 100% Mobile optimized, cuz who uses a computer anymore!)

(Stream the mobile HD videos on the mat after training, or sneak a lesson in bed when your signifigant other falls asleep :) )

What is Project Lapel Mayhem?

  • Techniques spanning from easy to hyper-super-advanced (a brand new student can use these) all the way to needing Jedi like reflexes and the flexability of an octopus. With new techniques being added all the time. *(WARNING: I teach some of the moves your instructor doesn't want you to know about.)
  • The secret competition and training mindset that launched me into the world of highlevel black belts.
  • Not just techniques but my live sparring where you can see me use the very techniques I teach, grappling lifestyle tips and videos like proper finger taping tactics, diet, strength and conditioning, match breakdowns and a whole lot more.
  • Lots of chances to win free gi's and gear with contests all the time!

You'll Also Discover:

  • Why the "one size fits all website" can kill the effectiveness of your Jiu-jitsu and how the niched techniques I teach show the exact strategy used by the smartest jiujitsu fighters on the planet.
  • A simple, yet dramatic change you can make to your Jiu-jitsu that can radically increase the number of submission (leading in one case to a 78% increase in submissions in training!)
  • Key components of an effective Guard … transforming yours from a simple set of basic attacks into a powerful “Un-passable Guard” to endlessly expand sweep and finish opportunities.
  • The 12 different types of “Guard killing grips”  — do you have any of them working now on your behalf?

More Killer Benifits Once You Get Access to the Course:

  • 3 of the Most Insanely Effective Formulas for a better competition performance and how to apply any of them to perfectly fit YOUR style.
  • The curious truth leveraged by the TOP grapplers  on the planet that exposes the myth of “just “training hard will make you improve” - invest your faith into this mistaken belief at your own peril.
  • Secrets to the Most Successful Competitive run the world has ever seen - and the key distinction that enabled it to WORK when so many others failed.
  • The CORE Definition of an EFFECTIVE back take - you can't afford to get this ONE thing wrong!
  • The Crucial difference between PLAYING GUARD and PASSING GUARD and what this means to your future.
  • A key reason why so many people FAIL to become the grapplers they want to be … and sad-but-true, your jiu-jitsu  (and your submission defense) could very well be suffering from these very same issues.
  • A soup-to-nuts example of a COMPLETE Dela riva Guard … explained in specific, step-by-step detail... that generated a MASSIVE 9% increase in sweeps  - leading to a HUGE 14% win increase for competitors - and has been working like clockwork for  me for 4 solid years!
  • 9 Ways to follow up your submissions with a secondary attack ... 12 ways to follow up with a sweep or back take and how to mix, match, and use them in tandem to create devastatingly effective combo attacks that literally squeeze life out of even the most stone-cold tough opponents 

Check out these Testimonials! 


    Alan-RussetteAlan Russette

    Ontario, Canada

    Blue belt

    Hi Keenan,

    I’m happy with the DVD set I ordered. There are a lot of little details that have given me a better understanding of some of the techniques, particularly the wrist locks in the submission series. I’m an ultra heavyweight recreational player who occasionally competes, so it’s nice to see some high percentage, tournament-tested techniques.

    Thanks again,

    Alan Russette

    Gary-RayGary Ray

    Purple belt

    Albany, New York

    Thank you for providing such a great DVD series. I am a purple belt and train 4-5 times per week. The techniques I’ve learned from you so far have helped my top (passing) game and bottom (guard) game.

    While on top Im passing leg lasso or spider guard with ease, where before I was frustrated.

    And while playng off of my back my spider guard has improved dramatically, to the point where I’ve swept higher ranking belts with the concepts you provide.

    I still havent studied the submissions portion of the series in depth fully, so there is still more value to be gained.

    Happy with my purchase, a great instructional at a excellent price.

    Thomas-MartensThomas Martens

    Blue belt

    Chesapeake, VA

    Just got to say that since I bought your dvd set it has vastly improved my game especially my spider guard game. I have been nailing all of sweeps that were taught in the dvds and now I cant wait to try it out in competition and I look forward to see where my game goes from here!

    Thanks soo much for putting out such a high quality instructional dvd set!

    James-ArtelJames Artel

    White belt

    Columbia, MD

    As a white belt, no one really expects much from your guard. Well I can say there are now some higher belts that don’t want to end up in my guard anymore, especially with my new Ezekiel chokes. Thanks man.


    Dont stress! If you dont like it I will give you a full refund no questions asked! All you have to do to start learning kick-ass jiu-jitsu is click the "get instant access" button and you are on your way! Its so simple a pink belt could do it!

    Being a member of this site is like a cheat sheet to jiu-jitsu. Im putting up everything I know about the art and will be constantly updating it from now until the end of time! Its like the worlds largest bjj instructional, It will be an infinte source of all the jiu jitsu knowledge you could ever want.  

    You cant put a price tag on that. But Im only going to have 100 membership slots open for this Beta test so after that I have close my doors until my first elite group helps me work out any bugs in the software.

    I built this thing myself. Just like i taught myself bjj in my early years! I promise you are going to love the content. See you on the inside!


    P.S. Below I've outlined some trypical questions I get....

    And if you have any more doubts, rest easy:

    •  Yes, you can get a 100% Iron Clad, Full Money Back Guarantee if unlike most, you do not fall in love with the personalized attention, amazing content, and community you'll experience once inside.
    • You're still a white belt and you're not sure if you're ready for this? We'll I've got that sorted out for you. I've designed each membership level below to suite your needs at each belt level.  Don't worry, you can still sign up as a black belt if you're a white belt, but be prepared for some seriously advanced techniques.
    • You think this is expensive?  TheFull access membership is $0.33 per day! you lose more change in your washing machine than what this site costs!! That's a real bargin for personal attention from me, weekly updated technique videos, and so much more!
    • You're on the fence still? It's ok you can wait, but I'm strictly limiting the ammount of memberships so you might miss out. Why? Well I'm giving each member a bit of personal attention and I'm only one man, I have 24 hours in each day like you. So my time is limited.
    • You're afraid you won't use this? We've got you covered. You can access the site from your iphone, android tablet, wifi, 3g, 4g, and even your Motorolla Razor! Watch my training videos on the train to work, or on the mat with your friends after a good roll!
    • Don't have time to study? Well most of my lessons are 5-10 minutes long. Long enough to teach you all the best new details, but with no fluff. Meaning I'm not here to waste your time.
    • Already a member of another monthly BJJ content site? It's cool! You'll love mine too. You can never have enough BJJ in your life. But I must say. My exclusive, small members site is unlike the others. You'll get to chat with me, interact with other members in the forums, and get personal attention. 
    • Yo Keenan, What is the difference between the membership levels?Good question! The higher the level the more content, and more advanced techniques you'll receive. Black belts have full access to all the content, super-high-level advanced stuff, whereas white belts will get more basic moves and fundamentals. Yes blacks get access to everything! 
    • Keenan, can I upgrade my membership at a later date? Yes! You'll be able to move up the ranks at any time if you want the high level stuff!
    • I'm a 110 lb female BJJ player, will this work for me? Yes, of course. I actually train with females on a regular basis and all my moves work better when you don't use brute force. Bottom line, this was designed for you!
    • I want to purchase this for me and my son, he's 13 and an orange belt. You think we'd benifit from it? Yes absolutely. In Fact I don'd mind if both of you share the membership. My Father is a martial arts instructor and the experience of learning along side him is something I'l cherish forever. Imagine the bonding experience you'll have, while you both watch the training on your ipad! Priceless.

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